Cochimi: they awoke

each morning to

wonder if today,

Hunger was to

be paid the


When I first came to Baja, I asked many of the questions featured below about the Cochimi, and spent many hours, days and weeks searching for answers. Some answers promoted further questions, some of which remain unanswered. . . .Through this website, let me share what I found with you. D. Symington

Who were the Cochimi?

What is the meaning of Cochimi Rock Art?

Where did the Cochimi come from?

Did Cochimi have spiritual beliefs?

Photo from the Bradshaw Foundation

Did the Cochimi use Throwing Sticks?

What did the Cochimi do with their dead?

Did the Cochimi have witch doctors?

Did the Cochimi keep slaves?

Photo from the Bradshaw Foundation

Did the Cochimi use Atlatyls?

Were slingshots used by the Cochimi?

Why is there so much rock art around central Baja and Mulege?

Is the Cochimi a Matriarchal or Patriarchal society?

Photo from the Bradshaw Foundation

Did Cochimi shamans rule the clan?

How did Tribalism manifest itself amongst the Cochimi Clans?

Did the Cochimi war with other clans?

Could you call the Cochimi an Emerging Culture?

Photo from the Bradshaw Foundation

Could the Cochimi gather enough seeds from the desert to sustain them?

What animals did the Cochimi eat?

What is the meaning of “Second Harvest”?

Did the Cochimi use turtles for food?

How old is this Baja rock art?

Why did the Cochimi make rock art?

Were the Cochimi mistreated by the Spanish?

Are there any Cochimi living today?

Below is a film clip from the Bradshaw Foundation featuring Harry Crosby. One of his books, ‘The Cave Paintings of Baja California’ is excellent, and should be on the reading list of anyone interested in the rock art of Baja.

A prelude to Harry Crosby’s book

For those interested in a similar muleback trip into the mountains of Baja to see some of this art, you can arrange this through Saddling South. Talk to Trudi at

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