Piedras Pintados: East Side

Piedras Pintados: East Side Site

East Side Site (Site 4)

What you will see here are:


Lookout Posts

In 2018, I explored the east side of the moraine and concentrated on that side closest to the Habitation areas. I found numerous (20 – 30) petroglyphs close to the upper edge and at distances down towards the bottom of the tumbled rock. Many of the petroglyphs were darkly patinated and I am assuming of great age. Some of the petroglyphs were made on “Bell Rocks” and the artists must have been amused by the sound made when the glyphs were inscribed. Some of the glyphs showed creatures penetrated by Atlatyl darts.
One unique glyph (Surfboard) incorporated the shape of the flat face of a boulder as an outline or border for the artists internal drawn figure. This outline carefully following the edge of the boulder face within a few millimeters without chipping the edge of the glyph. (See photo East 4)
I also found two more Lookout Posts about 15 meters up from the base of the falda. Exploring 300 meters or so further south from the Habitations site yielded no more petroglyphs.
Regarding the Lookout Posts noted above: There were two located on both the east and west side. I had originally pictured these depressions as Hides for hunting. On further reflection I believe that these Hides were populated not as a lookout for game, but as a lookout post or ambush location for other indigenous clans who may not have been welcome at this site. This suggests a degree of warring between clans during some period of time when the site was in use. It would also suggest a high degree of importance attributed to this site.

Typical of the rock falda on the East Side. View looking east.

Photo East 2 by author

One of the Lookout Posts on the East Side. about 1.5 meters across and at least a meter deep

Photo East 3 by author

Photo East 4 by author

“Surfboard” interior showing vulva with object (child?) protruding or could be testicles and penis (pointing down) with some ejaculated matter?

Photo East 5+contrast by author
East 9 by author

Rectangular, abstract ‘something’ with checkered interior?

Photo East 9_yrd_ac by author

2 glyphs. Fish on left with Turtle superimposed. Spear/dart from top left to bottom right of turtle. Patterned turtle shell.

Photo East 10_lrd by author

Photo East 11 by author
Photo East 11_yrd_ac
Photo East 11+c_yrd_ac

The photo series above shows a turtle with distinctive pattern on the shell, different from last turtle. Also shows atlatyl dart or spear, penetrating neck of turtle from viewers left to right. Seems to be some attachment to the shaft of the dart?

Photo East 13+contrast by author

Three different subjects here, all linear in shape, maybe different views of same subject?

Photo East 13 _lab_ac

Photo East 16 by author

Abstract subject. Perhaps incorporated into the hole in the rock?

Photo East 16+ contrast

Photo Solar Site 04a by author

Right photo: Three glyphs here. Top right was inscribed after the rock split as it extends over the edge. The central one. . . could that be rain into the semicircular opening below like the picture on the left from the Solar site?

Photo East 17_lrd_ac

Photo East 21 by author

Matrix grid of some kind. Seems very old, heavily patinated.

Photo East 21_ac_yre

Possible anthropomorph 15cms high with two left feet (just like the way I dance, says Diane!)

Photo East 24 by author (with two left feet)

Photo East 26 by author

Three images. Right – indistinct, Center – anthropomorph with curled stick in left hand (Throwing Stick?), Left – four “rays” coming from a deeply incised circular object.

Photo East 26_ac_yre

Two images. On left is fish with spear/dart passing through from top to bottom behind dorsal fin. On right is “U” shaped image with pecking over the edge.

Photo East 27 by author

Photo East 28 by author

Matrix with some marks in some of the squares, has pecking over edge of rock on the right. Heavily patinated.

Photo East 28_ac_yre

Photo East 30 by author

Collection of glyphs here. Maybe a Cougar with long tail at bottom right

Photo East 30_ac_ydt
Photo East 34 by author

Many glyphs on this panel. Female anthropomorph at upper right seems to be co-ordinated with hole in rock below.

Photo East 34_ac_yuv
Photo East 37 by author

Scene with male anthropomorph with round protrusions on each side of the head (headdress?) And long linear object from top of head to viewers left. On the right is figure with spear/dart impaling from mans left arm. Below this figure is other heavily pecked object. Note holes in rock on viewers left have been worked somewhat.

Photo East 37_ac_yds

Photo East 38 by author

Male anthropomorph about 35cms high with horizontal lines at shoulders, mid body and midriff. Artist has incorporated natural hollow in rock for penis and has tilted figures right leg to accommodate this feature. Figures left arm extends into fissure in rock. There may have been an intention by the artist to have something suspended below figure’s right hand.

Photo East 38_ac_yuv
Photo East 36_ybl by author

Is this the best for last? A highly unusual semi-abstract glyph of male anthropomorph about 60 cms high with discernable eyes, nose and mouth on head. Bumps on top left and right of head could be a headdress. Fingers and toes discernable. “Door handle” on left of torso ? Narrow, out-of-proportion thorax compared to stomach area. Also below right hand, a glyph of vulva with four figures below that may be fish. Or, gentle reader, is the round object the decapitated head, arguably with facial features, of some opposing shaman? Again, some features extend over edge of rock. Very unusual to have any facial features shown in a pictograph or a petroglyph.

I hope you enjoyed your virtual visit to Piedras Pintados and the four sites contained therein.