About this Web Site

Rabbit Run_ac_yds La Palmita.

What you will find here are descriptions of various Cochimi rock art sites in the central part of Baja California that the author, David Symington, has visited. You will see what was found there and what impressions the author took away. For the most part, the author has tried to present facts and the descriptions tend not to editorialize. But hey, I sometimes get carried away with certain topics, so please forgive. The overriding impression that I’m trying to give, is that these projects are fun, and allow me to learn about the Cochimi and their way of life. I take great pleasure in being able to share this ‘Thin Slice’ with you. For the academic looking for a beakthrough thesis?. . . Welcome to a ‘Beggars Banquet.’

You will find descriptions on well known sites such as Los Borjitas, Montevideo, La Pinguica, La Palmita, Piedras Pintados and Trinidad, as well as other sites that may be non-familiar to you.

I include photographs of the sites and the rock art therein. Some of the sites are unique in that they have not been academically written up. I include GPS positioning data and sometimes descriptions on how to find the sites, and that is, to some, a controversial topic. However, most of the sites are on public lands and those that are not, you will usually need a guide to access them.

A lot of the photos have been enhanced by a process called D-Stretch and I try to label such photos with the attributes used in the enhancement. Dstretch.com is a web site by Jon Harman where you can get this enhancement software.

In this site you wont find detailed academical thesis, or archeological papers with properly prepared citations. Having said that, there is a gathering of data from metates found in the Santa Barbara arroyo and some conclusions and suppositions drawn. Also some analysis of the energy expended by the Cochimi in their hunt for food. In spite of that, I am not an academic in any form whatsoever.

Plagiarism? I’ve had a few, but maybe,. . too few to mention. . . (thanks Frank!)
In the topic of Rock Art and Archeology I am self taught. So gentle reader, that means that I have read quite a bit of stuff on the topic and through understanding that which was written, or spoken by others, I’ve been able to formulate all of what you’ll find here.
Are they unique ideas? I would be very naive if I said yes.
Where I have utilized large tracts of text or ideas in whole from other authors, I have tried to give them credit somewhere in the text.

You will find, gathered information about the life of the Cochimi in the land they inhabited before the Spanish settled. In the part called ‘Cochimi – A Thin Slice’ you will read my quick look at their ethnography.

You will find ideas for discussion. . . so please do! That way we can all learn!

If, after viewing this web site, you are motivated to visit some of these locations, to view the rock art, to wonder and explore. . . I feel this web site has been successful. So, put on your hiking boots and hat, grab your camera, a friend and a bottle of water and go out there!
Who knows, I might see you there!