Santa Barbara: 1 Left

Santa Barbara: 1 Left

ARROYO 1 LEFT starts at about 1.5km from road at 26.69635, 111.92189 Checked. Altitude here is 81 meters.
There is a trail visible to here in the main arroyo
No trails visible with Google Map up the arroyo and none visible when on site. The twin peaks of Cerro Las Calabazas can be seen on the skyline.

Photo: Start of arroyo 1 Left

The arroyo heads roughly southwest and does not seem to have rock bluffs until the head of the arroyo at about 1.5kms.
Brown mineral showing to south of arroyo at about 1km are large weathered brown boulders.
Pass at head of arroyo at about 480meters leading to the San Juan arroyo at about 2.2kms at 26.682523, 111.935732. This would be between the two similar peaks of Cerro Las Calabazas. These two peaks are quite prominent and can easily be seen from various vantage points in the area.

3 small caves found on north side of 1L . SB1LC1 facing east at 26.69399, 111.92723 altitude 126 meters. Contained 3 metates, no midden, no trail, no art.

Two good size caves found on east side facing north, SB1LC2,C3 26.69113, 111.92841, 141 meters altitude. About 8 meters wide, 3 high, 10 deep. Nothing in caves.

Stopped in L1 arroyo at about 140 meters altitude.
Arroyo has nice terraces on each side with Pallo Verde, Blanco, Fiero, etc.

Walked over saddle to northeast. Found what I thought at first was a possible burial cave at other side. SB1LC4 26.69624, 111.92592 Altitude 123 meters.

Some red colour paint on a prominent rock in the ceiling of this cave, maybe painted by Cochimi in order to avoid bumping your head?

Carefully pilled rocks of various sizes in one area of cave. It is possible that local ranchers picked up rocks and stacked them out of the way to provide a clear, smooth floor to the cave for bedding down cattle? Very steep down to Santa Barbara main arroyo from here but can be done if you go to the right (southeast).

This arroyo has gentle slopes and a fair amount of trees and cacti that would be attractive to Cochimi for seed gathering as evidenced by the three metates found in cave SB1LC1.

Consider also that Arroyo 1 Left is probably a good source of route for Cochimi into the San Juan Arroyo if they want a direct route from the beaches of Santa Barbara. The furthest point that I reached in this arroyo was only about 2kms as the crow flies from the Tres Ventana cave in San Juan arroyo. This cave may hold significance for Cochimi. See separate description.