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Pescador Cave. (Sometimes called Los Dos Pescadors) (S8)

Pescador Cave. (Sometimes called Los Dos Pescadors) (S8)
This cave is in the same general area as Pez Gallo but is located some 100 meters to the east (to the left as you look at the mouth of Pez Gallo) and at an altitude of 75 meters above sea level. The coordinates are: N26.74xxx, W111.91xxx.

The cave is reached by a scramble up the hillside Falda. There is no evidence of a historic trail. The cave is about 10 meters wide, about 4 meters high and about 4 meters deep. There is no shell midden in front and no metates in the cave.

Photo P 03

There is a red pictograph about 35 cms high showing two men with the one large fish positioned to the viewers left of the figures. There are noticeable darker coloured vertical lines inside the man on the left.

Photo P 02

P 02_labi

Note the ‘ghostbuster’ eyes. (in the fish too!) These are rare. Man on left may have Atlatyl handle in his right hand and something in his left hand also.

P 02_rgb0_ac

There are other faded images in the cave, but this is the element of note.

Pescadito Cave. (S9)
This cave is also in the same general area as Pez Gallo, slightly higher than Pescador cave and slightly to the left by about 30 meters. It is at an altitude of 93 meters above sea level and the coordinates are: N26.74xxx, W111.91xxx. Slightly below this cave is a small shelter containing no art work.

Pescadito Cave showing historical trail

There is a small wash or drainage to the left (east) of the cave that contain a number of tinajas (above and below the cave) which contained water at the time of viewing in February. This one is about 2 meters by about 80cms wide and would be a good source of water to any Cochimi using the Pescadito cave.

This cave can best be reached by climbing up the Historical Trail. There is a noticeable wash at arroyo level, with some white Calish rock showing, about 100 meters or so further to the east of the Pez Gallo cave that you can start climbing up. As you climb, you will notice significant remnants of the historic trail leading to this cave. More on these trails later.

Jim Workman in fore. Garry Davidson at rear. This cave has a shell midden in front, and there are two metates inside the cave. You can see some of the shells to the left bottom of the photo. There is also evidence of flint knapping. The panel with the abstract deer is immediately to the left of Jim. Immediately above Garry’s head can be seen the White Fish cave across the arroyo.
The Pescadito cave is about 17 meters wide about 4 meters high and has depths to about 5 meters.

There are prominent boulders at the rear of the cave with many fish, turtle and vulva petroglyphs. There are paintings in red, orange and yellow, most faded. Fish, turtles and monos are discernable.

On the right side of the cave is a faded red coloured deer shaped animal about 1 meter wide with the head faded out. The inside of the deer is sectioned in a checkerbox style showing a good blend of realism and abstract. This style is not uncommon. Some of the checkerbox squares may have originally been fully coloured.

photo: PE 12_ac_lre_flt

There is also close by a large fish about 35cms long with head up painted in red in very poor condition. There are also negative image handprints in red in fair condition.

Photo PE 05

There are a series of red positive handprints on a prominent boulder. The right print seems to be overlaid on a faint outline of a fish in yellow. Again, a fish without a head.

PE 05_lds_ac
PE 13_crgb_ac
PE 13
PE 13_yre_ac

The above series is a turtle with definite pattern in its shell visible shown to the right of a fish of some sort.

In the above series, there is an outline of a Rabbit, Facing right, shown in the right hand photo in red, the left photo in pink. This image is almost impossible to make out in the un-retouched photo.

Compare the rabbits shown here in a photo from the Santa Marta La Palmita rock shelter, to the one in the Pescadito Cave. See the similarities?

PE 9_yre_ac
PE 11_yre_ac
PE 10_lre_flt_ac

There is other art work in the cave that is faded and unclear.

White Fish Cave (S10)

This is a standard cave with a southerly perspective that is almost directly opposite the Pez Gallo cave. Location is N26.74xxx. W111.91xxx and altitude is shown as 48 meters and is about 20 meters above the valley floor. The cave is about 15M wide, 3M high and 3M deep. Access is by an easy scramble on loose rock.

photo: WF 01 by author

The signature of this cave is the White Fish, so, there is a pictograph of a Trigger or Pompano fish outlined in white paint about 25cms long. The author flubbed this way out of focus photo.

There are more than one reverse image red handprints in this shelter.

Photo: WF 05_yrd

There is one metate and a light sprinkling of shells.

This image is obviously a low flying F16 jet from the Baja Mesolithic Air Force